Conference Lecture “How to Create My Fashion Brand”

LuxStyle Consulting’s Juan Borges presented in Google Campus Madrid. The concept was: “How to Create My Fashion Brand”, in which entrepreneurship, the law and marketing were the main themes.

Last Friday, 27th January, Juan Borges CEO and Founder of LuxStyle Consulting, attended Google’s Madrid Campus. The objective was to: Analyse the creation of a fashion Brand from different perspectives: Marketing and Legal.

In his lecture, Juan Borges, presented recent highly successful case studies of Fashion and Luxury sector brands, such as Loewe, Hermés & Prada, in which he explained the key components in establishing and creating value in a fashion brand.

Liliana Georgieva Sancheva, a lawyer with the Pons IP group, Expert in Fashion Law gave a talk on how to register a brand using recent examples of established brands and she explored the different barriers that entrepreneurs may face.

The event took place at the “Espacio” Google Campus in Madrid, which brought together a variety of business professionals, with the objective of analysing and reflecting on new developments in different entrepreneurship areas and the sharing of information in order to stimulate new initiatives.

AdminConference Lecture “How to Create My Fashion Brand”

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