For many years, luxury labels have been slow to adopt new technology and trends in communication and marketing, having always been characterised by values founded in tradition, craftmanship, customization and exclusivity.

In recent years, as the digital transformation has accelerated, high-end firms have come to realise that if they are to develop a competitive advantage in their area of activity, they need to embrace the new social media platforms and the opportunities they offer.

The luxury sector has always been keen to attract the next generation of consumers and this is where using social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok can help them reach their goal of becoming relevant to Generation Z or Millennials.

Tik Tok was the fastest-growing platform during lockdown, its entertaining short videos the key to its success. But generating short, direct and high-quality content is not easy, so luxury labels are advised to develop a marketing content strategy with an organic reach via the paying platform, TiK ToK Ads.

In addition, Tik Tok has a very high impact in countries such as China or India, where the barriers to entry are increasingly high but where the social media platform has lots of followers.

Innovation and originality can help to conquer the next generations, shifting the focus away from the ageing client base of many luxury labels. For example, last November, Vuitton presented its capsule collection through the League of Legends game. Similarly, Alessando Michele, creative director of Gucci, produced a video game where players travel through the company’s history via a series of emblems hidden in the game. Burberry has a rebranding strategy based on Arcade games and has developed a game where a deer leaps from platform to platform until it reaches the moon.

Technology, video games, social media – it all suggests that luxury labels are here to stay in these areas, generating loyalty in their new target audience: the younger generation. We have created a FREE MASTERCLASS on this subject. If you want to join it then send us your email address to [email protected]

Juan Borges


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