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For many years, luxury labels have been slow to adopt new technology and trends in communication and marketing, having always been characterised by values founded in tradition, craftmanship, customization and exclusivity. In recent years, as the digital transformation has accelerated, high-end firms have come to realise that if they are to develop a competitive advantage


The pandemic has completely shaken up the relationship between labels and their customers. Labels have had to innovate to adapt to customer concerns and their new forms of consumption as well as the legal requirements governing public health. The luxury industry was already familiar with these constraints as their consumers are more demanding, meaning companies

Does the subscription model work in the Beauty sector?

In a world where the digital transformation is becoming more of a reality with each new day, some business models that worked very well offline are starting to make headway into the online world. If there is one such model that has shown numerical growth in the beauty and luxury industry in recent months, it


Our favourite label, Highly Preppy, brought Madrid to a standstill once again when it presented its Spring/Summer20 Silky Waves collection in its flagship store in Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood. Guests enjoyed a spectacular catwalk show of the usual high standard, with a surfer-inspired, feminine and refreshing collection, rich in colour and very, very Preppy. As always,

A Luxury inauguration at the more Exclusive & Fashion Club in Madrid

Urbano Galindo successfully inaugurated his exhibition in Madrid, Urbano´s artwork is created with a technique mixing mirror and polycarbonate materials. The principal colours are purple, blue and gold. The attendance at the exhibition included celebrities from business and the arts, who were highly impressed with and enthusiastic about the artist´s work.  In the midst of

Marajai & LuxStyle Consulting at “The Royal Gala Dubai”

The designer Yaimara Muñoz presented her bag collection in Dubai in collaboration with House of Hend (Princess of Dubai´s Brand), in which a palate of colour was dominated by blue, red and black. Her elegant and feminine style captivated Her Highness Princess Sheika Hend Al Qassemi, Princess of Dubai. This is a totally feminine collection

A Glance At The Future Without Forgetting The Past

Finally, it´s September, and with that we see the return of Fashion Week and at LuxStyle Consulting, we haven´t stopped! We have organised high fashion catwalks and luxurious events for different brands that we will bring to you throughout the duration of the month. Here you can see here the photos of a fashion show that

A Luxurious Argentine Roast In The Fashion Location of Sotogrande

In the offices of LuxStyle Consulting, we couldn’t be happier to be back having closed the summer with the grandeur of a marvellous experience in Sotogrande– all thanks to Turismo Argentina who made this great event a reality, where Luxury, Fashion, and this time, Polo, united to delight us in the final of the Gold Cup