A Fashion,Luxury and … Wine Evening Talk

Last Friday (26/04/2017) LuxStyle Consulting organised once again an exclusive event together with FLIS (Fashion Law Institute Spain). It was a marvellous meeting where topics discussed included not only how to produce a fashion event, but also the future of them and where this industry is going.

It was a pleasure to discuss this with important attendees that helped us to understand that a careful and delicate selection of personnel as well as appropriate staging are essential values to take into account in a production in the world of luxury.

Don’t miss all the photos of our latest event!

LuxStyle Consulting knows that image is a key factor in luxury events. Our team always astonish you with an exclusive style that is especially prepared for the occasion.

We are consultants and we produce fashion events!

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Photos:Álvaro Sánchez

AdminA Fashion,Luxury and … Wine Evening Talk

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